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Miami Heat Replicate Clippers' Protest, Prove they are class of the NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently in turmoil due to their owner, Donald Sterling, having a phone call recorded by his girlfriend which revealed Sterling being a racist. The Clippers, who are run by a African-American Head Coach in Doc Rivers, protested against their owner by taking off their warm-ups that displayed the Clippers' logo at mid court and wearing their shirts inside out. 

There was some criticism in the way the Clippers protested. It may not have been the best way to protest their owner, but they felt it was best, and I cannot bash the players for doing it. Even Doc Rivers didn't love the fact that they protested in that way. 

They did get support from their friends in Miami. The Miami Heat did the exact same procedure before their tipoff against the Charlotte Bobcats. 


This move just proves that the Miami Heat are a great representation of the NBA. Wearing black wristbands and armbands in support of the Clippers would have been fine. Instead, they took it the extra mile and replicated the warm up stunt. It purely shows the class and maturity of this Miami Heat team. They understand that they are under the biggest spotlight in the league, and they showed that they are a band of brothers with the Clippers. 

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