Should NBA Fans Hate Patrick Beverley?

The 1980s-90s' NBA was one that was full of cheap shots and dirty plays. There was an entire team that prided themselves on rough defense and getting in your head nicknamed the "Bad Boys". The current NBA is the complete opposite of this mindset. 

Today's NBA is filled with sportsmanship and camaraderie. The two best players in the NBA workout together in the off season. Gregg Popovich smiled as if he won the NBA Finals last season when the Heat won it last season. The feel is so much different. 

Then comes Patrick Beverley. 

Beverley is like a pest who you just cannot kill. He is old school. He doesn't like his opponents. He angers guards and gets in their head. He follows them all the way up the court, giving them little space to breath. 

Beverley's attitude and swagger is a lot of the reason the Rockets have experienced the success that they have. The controversy surrounding Beverley is the recent cheap shot on Russell Westbrook. 

The issue with the push (besides it was a cheap shot) was it was the exact same situation that left Westbrook out of last season's playoffs. Here is that play.

I do have a problem with the play that happened a few nights ago. He did it on purpose which crossed a line. Overall, however, I think Beverley's play is refreshing.

I don't mind having actual competitors who don't like other players playing in the league. He isn't going to put up crazy stats, but he is going to make the plays that make a big difference in the game. The bottom line is that I would want him to play on my squad. There is no reason to hate him unless you are a Thunder fan. 

I am looking forward to a possible Westbrook-Beverley showdown in the playoffs. Beverley is a fun player to watch, and I really do like them. 


    If you look at the most recent "cheap shot" by Beverley. Slow it down to when the contact occurs. Does Beverley swipe at Westbrook? Nope. Does he try to hurt Westbrook by gunning at his knees? Nope. So what actually happened? Beverley has actually established position when Westbrook is about a foot away. Westbrook is actually the one that continues forward, initiating the contact with Beverley, Beverley has to backpedal. It was not a dirty play by Bev - what kind of dirty play involves you moving back? When I saw it in real time, I thought it was Bev who initiated the contact, but it was Westbrook all the way. He created this scene to get positives for him.

    @James Gotta say I never noticed that. Great observation.

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